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Odds Comparison

There is a huge discrepancy between odds offered by bookmakers for the same selection, this difference in odds and payout can become huge in multiples and accumulators. It's important you're getting good value on your bets and accas, without this you are fighting an even harder battle to make profit. If you are winning bets and you can get better odds elsewhere, you are literally throwing away money you could have been winning with the same stake. Betting efficiently requires comparing odds from multiple bookmakers with every bet you do, this is where Compare Your Odds come in.

We're a new betting odds comparison site allowing our users to compare odds faster than ever. We've built our Odds Comparison tool from scratch and provide odds for trusted bookmakers with the biggest selection of odds and fixtures ever seen before. Build your bet or accumulators in seconds with reliable odds, regularly updated.

Bet Finder

Use our CYO Bet Finder at the top of our homepage, you can add any selection from any match, in seconds. We've built predictive search boxes constantly searching thousands of fixtures, allowing you to build the most obscure accumulators quicker than ever. Find any match by typing the name of the teams, this will instantly start finding your fixture. Click on the correct game and move on to the 2nd search box, this will show every selection available on any given match you've chosen. Once you're happy with your match and selection, just add it to your bet slip for instant odds comparison between top bookmakers. You have your very own accumulator generator at your fingertips.


Why should I use Compare Your Odds?

Using Compare Your Odds is vital for any bettor, no matter what level of success or experience. As stated above, the difference in payouts from different bookmakers for the exact same bets or accumulators can be huge. If one bookmaker is offering a 5-fold acca at 300/1 and another at 400/1, you are missing out on 100x your stake in extra winnings (if the bet wins). Our odds comparison system is built from the ground up and one of the best betting tools available. If you are a regular bettor, there is a high chance you're missing out value on nearly every bet you do. Without checking beforehand it is very unlikely you'll be getting the best odds available. Our system does nearly all of the work for you, just add your selections and watch the bet slip go to work. By using the 'Bet Now' button in the bet slip, you can automatically load all the selections you've chosen here straight into your bookmakers bet basket.

Odds Checker System

Our system is checking odds 24 hours a day. We have multiple API's updating our data and lots of other match data on a regular basis. Whether you're using our Bet Finder or scrolling through our fixture lists you can thank our odds checker system for updating hundreds of selections from thousands of fixtures every single week. We show other useful data for our fixtures on our match pages to improve your betting experience further.

How often are the betting odds updated?

The odds are updated regularly and the last update is timestamped in the footer.

Will CYO bring in more betting markets and sports?

Yes, we currently provide odds for thousands of football matches each with dozens of markets. We are continually looking at ways to improve, including increasing our sports coverage. We currently only provide support for comparing Football odds but we're planning to provide Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, Horse Racing, Golf and Cricket Odds.

Do Compare Your Odds take bets?

No, we purely provide Odds Comparison for bookmakers available on the website. In the bet slip we do however offer the chance to automatically load the selections in the bookmakers bet slip for convenience, you can do this by clicking the 'bet now' button. This links externally from our platform and you will be required to login or make an account with the given bookmaker. Our Odds Comparison Site is based in the UK and aims towards the UK market, we will however be branching out into other sports and markets as we expand but do not plan to


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