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Betting on Albanian Football

Albania has a proud footballing tradition dating back to 1930 with the first National Championship, although historians recently discovered that an earlier tournament had in fact taken place in 1911. This was not organised by the Albanian Football Association however, which was formed 19 years later in 1930.

The current top flight, the Albanian Superliga (Kategoria Superiore) runs a two-team relegation / promotion system with the First Division. The Kategoria Superiore only features ten teams, although each team plays the others four times for a total of a 36-match season. With a cup competition too, there is plenty of football on offer in Albania to add to betting coupons, especially when you consider European competitions and the national teams (both men's and women's).

Albania Football Odds

Running from August to May, akin to most other European Leagues, the Albanian football system features a ten-team top flight which, if the soon-to-be completed 2018/19 season is anything to go by, often lacks goals (currently 2.05 goals per game). In fact, in 2016/17, that number fell to an almost incredible 1.89 goals per game, so defences have often been on top in recent times. Going under 2.5 goals would appear to be a popular option on those betting coupons. Unsurprisingly, the percentage of games featuring three or more goals is extremely low too by global standards (30% for the current 2018/19 season).

There are plenty of opportunities to bet on football in Albania, and our Albania football odds comparison tool covers all top-end domestic football in the country, including the Albanian Superliga (Kategoria Superiore) and First Division (which is divided into category A and B) as well as the Albanian Cup competition.

Albanian Football History

Due to the rather turbulent history of the country throughout the twentieth century, it is no surprise that footballers of Albanian (or Albanian Kosovan) heritage have often flourished in the colours of other countries as opposed to the red and black kit of the land of their forebears. As an example, currently Xerdan Shaqiri and Granit Xhaka are high-profile players of Albanian heritage who represent another national team (in this case Switzerland). In the case of Xhaka, his older brother Taulant actually represents the Albanian national team, revealing the interesting dynamic of the Albanian diaspora.

Perhaps the most glorious moment in Albanian football history was when the national team qualified for its first and only (to date) major international tournament – the 2016 UEFA European Championship. Almost inevitably, the Eagles were drawn against Switzerland in the group stage, which pitched the Xhaka brothers against each other in Albania's first ever match at a major championships. In fact, 5 of Switzerland's 11 starting players boasted Albanian or Kosovar Albanian heritage. Unfortunately, as things stand, Albania are massive underdogs at betting odds of 150/1 to qualify for the next European Championships in 2020.

Italy has also always had a huge influence on Albanian culture and football: Edoardo Reja, an Italian, is the current head coach, and many Albanian footballers are Italy-based.

However, despite all of those links to other nations, it is worth noting that the Albania national team had had a proud history since 1946, when it played its first match. The Albanian top flight (then called the Albanian National Championship) has been in existence longer, playing its first season in 1930.


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