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Betting on Andorran Football

Andorra is a tiny principality of just 76,000 people, which is significantly less than the number which can attend a match in the Camp Nou, for example. However, the country has its own football league system (and cup) on which our Andorran football odds comparison tool can be utilised.

The league consists of the Primera Divisió and Segona Divisió, which are complemented by the Copa Constitució and the Andorran Supercup. Teams from the domestic league can qualify for UEFA competitions, and there are of course men's and women's national teams too.

In the Primera Divisió, one team (FC Santa Coloma) has accounted for more than half of championship successes since the league began in 1994 (13 of 25 completed editions), which also includes the last 6 titles leading up to and including 2018/19. The same team has also won 9 of the 25 completed cup competitions, making FC Santa Coloma the dominant domestic force in Andorran football, and perennially a serious consideration for betting coupons.

Andorra Football Odds

The Andorran first division features only 8 teams, and over the course of the last four seasons, starting in 2015, has featured a significant number of goals. In fact, in that time, the most recent season (2018/19) has featured the least number of goals per game, averaging only 2.61, which would still be around the world average with regards to domestic leagues. In comparison, in 2017/18, that number stood at 3.7.

As you would expect in such a small country, and with such small crowds, home advantage is not really significant. In fact, only one club can boast its own stadium (FC Encamp). For that very particular reason, home advantage should be adjudged almost insignificant in terms of adding Andorran matches to betting coupons.

Andorran Football History

Andorra is one of the smallest countries on earth, and as you would expect from a nation so small, it hardly has a glorious football history. Yet having said that, as of May 2019, Andorra's FIFA World ranking of 134 sees it sit above countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Bangladesh which, although not exactly footballing hotbeds, possess population sizes that can barely be compared.

Andorra's current population stands at around 76,000, which makes it one of the smallest in the world (185th out of 195), and this also puts the country's football ranking into context. Within UEFA's jurisdiction, Andorra is the fifth smallest country – only Liechtenstein, San Marino, Gibraltar and Faroe Islands are smaller. Once again, it puts some of the national team's performances into true perspective.

Although the domestic league in Andorra was founded in 1994, the national team could not compete in UEFA competition until 1996, but has taken part in qualification competitions ever since. In that time, Andorra has achieved some notable wins, including 2-0 victories over both Belarus and Albania. Currently, however, the tiny principality can be backed at betting odds of 500/1 to advance from Group H in Euro 2020 Qualifying, while odds cannot even be entertained for the country's success at any major competition.


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