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Betting on Azerbaijani Football

The Azerbaijan Premier League contains 8 teams, and consists of a double round-robin format, meaning teams play each other a total of four times a season (twice at home and twice away) for a 28-game season. The season follows the format of most European leagues, running from August until the final match takes place in May.

Below the Premier League is the Azerbaijan First Division which is larger, consisting of 14 teams. One club can secure promotion to the Premier League at the end of each season. In addition, all 22 teams from the Premier and First Division automatically qualify for the Azerbaijan cup competition.

As of the 2008/19 season, the winner of the Premier League qualifies for the second qualifying round of the UEFA Champions League, which usually kicks off early in July, while the teams that finish second and third, as well as the team which wins the domestic cup competition, are all eligible for the qualifying rounds of the Europa League.

Azerbaijan has an active national team at all age levels, and as of 2006, has a women's team too. All matches featuring Azerbaijani teams, both domestic and international, are covered by our Azerbaijan football odds comparison tool.

Azerbaijan Football Odds

The dominant force in recent years in Azerbaijan has been Qarabağ, a club which originated from the town of Agdam, but is now based in the capital city, Baku. The club has won the last six editions of the Azerbaijan Premier League, up to 2018/19, and also became the first Azerbaijani team to qualify for the group sages of the UEFA Champions League. Having played against a number of major European teams in recent seasons, Qarabağ have become a common fixture of betting coupons featuring Azerbaijani teams, especially as the club has dominated domestic competitions.

Like the editions of the Premier League before it, the 2018/19 season didn't display any remarkable statistical quirks, other than the fact that favourites tend to dominate in Azerbaijani football, which is not uncommon in some of the smaller European leagues.

Azerbaijani Football History

Azerbaijan has only been an independent country since 1991 (before it was part of the former Soviet Union), and was only accepted into UEFA and FIFA competitions from 1994 onwards. The first qualification cycle that the country took part in was for the UEFA European Championships of 1996.

Despite that fact, Azerbaijan have had some notable victories on the world stage, although as of 2019, the country has yet to qualify for a major championships.

2019 is also a significant year for Azerbaijani football in that the final of UEFA Europa League took place at the Baku Olympic stadium – the first major final to be hosted in the country.

On a European stage, at least in terms of European competitions, the country's most successful domestic team, Qarabağ, have been regular participants in the Europa League, and in 2017, the club became the first Azerbaijani team to qualify for the group stages of the Champions League, where the team was drawn to play Chelsea, Atletico Madrid and Roma, admirably securing two draws from six matches.

And if you are interested, Azerbaijan are currently at betting odds of 250/1 to qualify from Group E in Euro 2020 qualifying, a group which contains Croatia, Wales, Slovakia and Hungary.


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