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Betting on Bolivian Football

The top division in Bolivia is called the Primera División, and features 14 clubs, one or two of whom can be relegated into the competition directly beneath it, which is the Copa Simón Bolívar. This is not really a league as such, but a competition which sees the winner and runner-up of the regional leagues compete in a knockout competition to gain promotion to the Primera División.

The national team is a member of CONMEBOL, and competes in all of the competitions under the association's umbrella, most notably qualifying for the FIFA World Cup, and the Copa América. When using our Bolivian football odds comparison tool, also be aware that qualifying teams from the Bolivian domestic competitions qualify for the two major CONMEBOL pan-continental competitions of the Copa Libertadores and the Copa Sudamericana.

Although Bolivian football is played on a calendar-year basis, it is quite unique in that the top division is split into two competitions, known as the Torneo Apertura and the Torneo Clausera, which feature a double round-robin format, so each is 26 games in duration. It's definitely worth reading up on the unusual formatting of this footballing nation before commencing on a Bolivian betting odyssey.

Bolivia Football Odds

As previously mentioned, the Primera División is split into two competitions, with one being played in the first half of the calendar year, and the second played in the latter half. That's two full league competitions to add to betting coupons if desired. The soon-to-be-completed first tournament of 2019 has been won by the country's most successful club, Bolívar.

There are a couple of considerations when betting on Bolivian football. The first is that clubs in La Paz, the capital, face a distinct advantage of playing at high altitude, meaning that home wins are a distinct feature of domestic football. Secondly, there are goals. The 2019 Torneo Apertura featured an average of 3.32 goals per game, with an incredible 65% of games featuring three or more goals. Backing over 2.5 goals in a game is popular in Bolivian football.

Similarly, the national team use altitude to their advantage, and so can usually be backed at home, even when the bigger boys of the continent come to town.

Bolivian Football History

Like most countries in South America, Bolivia has a love affair with football, but Bolivian football wouldn't be as well known to international audiences as those of its larger neighbours Brazil and Argentina.

The country has had organised leagues going as far back as 1914, with a national championship being established in 1960. The country has had few players from then until now of truly international renown.

Perhaps the most notable aspect of Bolivian football has to do with geography. The country's capital, La Paz, is the highest-located capital city in the world: 3,650 metres above sea level to be precise. The consequence of that is visiting teams have an awfully hard time of adapting to the conditions, something which the national team has used to great effect.

For example, despite only having qualified for the World Cup on three occasions as of 2019 (and scoring 1 goal) Bolivia have both won and finished as runners-up in the Copa América: both tournaments were played on home soil, however.

In South American World Cup qualifying matches, Bolivia also tend to perform strongly at home, where conventional form becomes a bit of an afterthought – worth noting when considering those options for the betting coupons.


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