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Betting on Botswana Football

Botswana is a small country demographically (the current population stands at about 2.25 million), but football is undoubtedly the most popular sport in this Southern African country. In fact, there are more than 300 registered football clubs currently operating in the country, with a further 9 women's clubs.

The elite domestic competition is the Botswana Premier League – which has 16 teams and sees its champions qualify for the African Champions League competition. Teams can be relegated from the Premier League to the Botswana First Division North and the First Division South. The country also operates three domestic cup competitions.

The country's national team take part in qualification rounds for both the World Cup and Africa Cup of Nations, while there is also a Botswana international women's team. Both teams are nicknamed The Zebras.

Games featuring Premier League teams and the country's national teams are covered by our Botswana odds comparison tool.

Botswanan Football Odds

The Botswana Premier League is a successful competition in African terms, and has recently attracted players from neighbouring countries. The league is played out in the traditional football calendar from August to May, and each team plays the others in the division both home and away for a total of 30 matches. Only one team can qualify for the CAF Champions League, while the domestic cup winners gain a place in the CAF Confederations Cup. Nearly all games are played on Saturdays or Sundays, and hardly ever in the evening due to the poor lighting facilities in most of the stadia.

As of the most recently completed 2018/19 season, Township Rollers have won the previous four editions of the Premier League, and the team is statistically the most successful in the history of Botswanan football, meaning the teams name is frequently added to betting coupons.

Looking over the past four seasons and statistical quirks, perhaps the only two conclusions to draw are that home advantage is not keenly felt in Botswanan football, while the prevalence of draws is slightly higher than the global average, although not to a large extent.

Botswana Football History

The Botswana domestic league has existed since 1966, and in that time has been dominated by Township Rollers from the capital city Gabarone. The Blues are a familiar name on betting coupons. The team has won 15 league titles, with the next most successful team (Botswana Defence Force XI) having only secured 7 titles. It is no surprise that Township Rollers start all Premier League seasons at short odds favourites.

Internationally, Botswana has played competitive football since 1968, although in that time the nation has only ever qualified for one major tournament (to date), the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations. It was at this time that the country rose to its highest ever FIFA World Ranking of 53rd. As of June 2019 that ranking stands at 148. However, with the continued popularity of the Botswana Premier League in the region, and a new sponsorship deal with SuperSport, there are high hopes for Botswanan football, and The Zebras may soon become a regular sight at Africa Cup of Nations Finals, and perhaps even a FIFA World Cup.


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