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Betting on Brazilian Football

Brazil is a huge country, with a huge population, so it is unsurprising that in this football-obsessed country there are an incredible number of competitions.

At the top of the men's game is the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A, a national domestic league competition contested between 20 teams and played between the months of April and December. It is within this league that the famous names of Brazilian football can be found, and the first place where our Brazilian football odds comparison tool can be utilised.

Série B operates on a promotion and relegation system with Campeonato Brasileiro Série B, which in turn feeds into Série C and Série D, from which there is no relegation. The rest of Brazilian football is run on a state-based level, and leagues are organised according to the 27 states. Teams can compete in the national and state leagues simultaneously, and for states who have a number of teams in the national Série A and Série B leagues, these competitions usually take place from January to May, ensuring there is football in Brazil almost the whole year round.

Teams from both the national and state championships also play in the Brazil Cup, the country's premier knockout competition. The top 6 teams from Série A also qualify for the Copa Libertadores, South America's equivalent of the Champions League, while the next six qualify for the Copa Sudamericana, which is the equivalent of the Europa League.

All of these competitions and in-game statistics can be found on our odds checker, as well as games featuring the Brazilian men's and women's national teams.

Brazil Football Odds

There are a number of attractions to betting on football in Brazil, not least the sheer volume of matches and the fact that football is played almost constantly year round. Although it requires a bit of research to get up to speed in how Brazilian football is structured, once you have it down, Brazilian matches become a familiar sight on betting coupons as accumulators and individual bets.

As you would expect, the top division is highly competitive, with success shared around reasonably equally, unlike many of the top European Leagues. As clubs in Brazil constantly lose their best talent to richer leagues, this maintains more of an equal playing field.

In national championships, home advantage is a major factor, perhaps due to the huge distances teams must travel to play games. However, away from home form, status of teams does not tend to transfer to results, so be aware of underdogs and value bets at all times.

Brazilian Soccer History

It's difficult to know where to start when it comes to Brazil's football history, because the country is synonymous with the sport to an extent that pretty much no other country can rival it. For many, the famous green and gold of the Brazil national team represents football like nothing else can.

Generations of supporters have been dazzled by Brazilian teams down the years, and it is no surprise that Brazil has five FIFA World Cup successes to date – more than any other country. As yet the women's team have yet to claim a championship, having only reached the final once to date, back in 2007. Unsurprisingly, Brazil are staples of betting coupons before major international tournaments.

The list of players Brazil has produced in quite incredible. Pelé, Jairzinho, Carlos Alberto, Rivellino, Garrincha, Cafu, Careca, Romário, Sócrates, Roberto Carlos, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Neymar are just a few notable names, but that list really could go on and on.

And the domestic team names also inspire great fanfare too. Santos, Corinthians, Flamengo and Palmeiras, to name but four. The leagues themselves may not get as much international attention as they possibly deserve, however, due to the fact that talented young Brazilian players are plucked away, mostly to Europe, often before they even make their debut for their Brazilian club. Yet the talent never seems to dry up. Unsurprisingly in the men's game, Brazil are among the favourites to win the next edition of the World Cup. They can currently be backed at betting odds of around 6/1 to claim their sixth title.


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