Bulgarian Football Betting Odds

Betting on Bulgarian Football

The top division in Bulgaria is called, somewhat unimaginatively, the First Professional Football League, which in turn feeds into the Second Professional Football League, and then a number of regional amateur leagues.

The First Professional Football League currently consists of 14 teams, and once each team has played all the others in the league both home and away, the league is divided into a Championship Round and two Relegation Rounds in which teams are broken off into mini divisions of 6 teams, 4 teams and 4 teams respectively. Teams then compete within these mini leagues for the prizes on offer. Teams from the top division also qualify for European competitions depending on the results of these mini leagues.

Bulgaria has a domestic cup competition, as well as a super cup, and men's and women's international teams. The men's side have a full complement of underage teams too, meaning there is a multitude of choice when it comes to betting on Bulgarian football matches.

Bulgaria Football Odds

As well as the men's and women's national teams and Bulgarian clubs in European competitions (mainly the UEFA Europa League), domestic league matches are a popular betting coupon addition, although using our Bulgarian football odds comparison tool is useful for finding favourable odds.

The First Professional Football League in Bulgaria has some eye-watering statistics to complement use of the odds checker, namely the fact that home advantage is a vitally important factor in teams winning matches. In the 2018/19 season, an incredible 2.04 points were achieved in each home game by the home side. Even going back into the 2017/18 season, that number stood at 1.86, which is again far above the average you would expect to see in most other leagues. An important consideration indeed.

The other barometers of goals per game and wins based on league positions show no unusual correlations, and so using home-field advantage is definitely a wise tactic when looking to complete your betting coupon.

Bulgarian Football History

For football fans of a particular generation, Bulgarian football really made a name for itself at the 1994 World Cup in the USA, when a team containing star names such as Hristo Stoichkov and Yordan Letchkov dumped out reigning champions Germany in a fairy-tale run to the semi-finals. That team started the tournaments at betting odds as big as 150/1. That World Cup run coincided with somewhat of a golden age for Bulgarian football, at least internationally, and since then successive generations of players have failed to emulate those achievements.

Bulgaria does produce a fine line in footballers, however. The previously mentioned Stoichkov was a Barcelona player no less, while Dimitar Berbatov is another name who has featured at big European teams (most notably Manchester United).

The country has possessed a nationally organised league since 1924, but no Bulgarian team has ever reached the final of a major European competition at present (as of 2019). Traditionally the Bulgarian league is one of the lesser known in Europe, and the country would often see talent being snapped up early by Europe's bigger leagues.


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