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Betting on Canadian Soccer

Although a powerhouse in many sports, it is fair to say that Canada does not have a real love affair with soccer. That said, the country has a fully professional top division in the shape of the Canadian Premier League, which has only been active since 2019.

There are only 7 teams in the Canadian Premier League, and the season is split into two: the spring season and the fall season. Winners of both seasons play in the Canadian Championship match. Currently there is no promotion or relegation system between the Premier League and other leagues, although this is the intention for the future.

The winner of the Canadian Championship secures a berth in the CONCACAF League.

Below the Canadian Premier League and Division 2, there are a number or regional leagues spread across the country, which is of course characterized by its huge size. The most significant of these regional leagues is the Canadian Soccer League (CSL), which is nearly entirely Ontario-based. Although officially a non-FIFA league, the CSL has operated as the de facto top league in Canada since its inception under a different guise back in 1926. This league and the Canadian Championship are covered by our Canadian soccer odds comparison tool.

It is worth noting that the primarily betting focus when it comes to Canadian teams is on those teams who play in the US MLS. Currently there are three teams that do so in the shape of Vancouver Whitecaps FC, Montreal Impact and Toronto FC.

Canada Soccer Odds

The Canadian Premier League is a matter of games old as of June 2019, so a better indication of betting focus thus far, outside of the Canadian teams in the MLS, is the Canadian Soccer League, which is currently a 10-team league. All of the teams are Ontario-based.

The season runs between May and October, and the 2018 version was won by FC Ukraine United, and was characterised by a large number of goals – 3.9 per match to be precise. Going over 2.5 goals is therefore popular for betting coupons, or even over 3.5. In fact, going back a further season to 2017, the average number of goals per match was a barely believable 4.3. In that particular season an incredible 73% of matches featured three or more goals.

As of 2019, it is worth paying attention to the newly formed Canadian Premier League and watching how soccer continues to develop in this vast country.

Canadian Soccer History

Canada does not have a long and distinguished history of soccer, and domestically its leagues are impacted upon by the fact the best of the teams compete in the American MLS, akin to the way Canadian teams play in MLB, NBA and NHL. In particular, the NHL attracts the majority of attention from Canadians, although a new attempt to win over the public to soccer has been made with the induction of the Premier League, which began in 2019.

Something which would surely inspire more young Canadians to play football is a successful national team, and so far it is the women who have performed better in this area. The team regularly qualifies for the FIFA World Cup, and finished fourth in 2003. In 2012 and 2016 the team went one place better by finishing third at the Olympic Games in London and then Rio respectively.

The men's team lag behind considerably, perhaps because of the domination of hockey, and to a lesser extent, baseball. The team have only once reached the FIFA World Cup (to date), way back in 1986 when the team failed to win a game in the group stages. Yet in other competitions the team has performed better, and in the country's most impressive achievements in soccer to date, the men won the CONCACAF Gold Cup in 1985 and 2000, and grabbed an Olympic Gold medal back in 1903.

Although not blessed with many recognisable names, Canadian soccer hopes rest on the young shoulders of teenager Alphonso Davies, who is on the books of Bayern Munich no less. Despite the talent of the young forward, Canada's hopes of winning the 2019 version of the Gold Cup seem slim: the team are currently available at betting odds of around 33/1.


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