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Betting on Icelandic Football

The top division in Iceland is called the Icelandic Men's Premier League (or Úrvalsdeild karla), which features 12 teams and is played May through to September. This division then leads down to First Division (1. deild karla), Second Division (2. deild karla) and Third Division (3. deild karla), all of which operate promotion and relegation systems between them.

In addition, there are three domestic cup compeotions (the Icelandic Cup, the League Cup and the Super Cup). Women's football is popular in the country, as it is in all of the Scandinavian nations, and there is a women's league which consists of three divisions, containing 28 teams in total.

Icelandic teams are all eligible for European club competitions, providing they qualify, and the men's and women's national teams operate at all age groups. All of these matches are covered by our Icelandic football odds comparison tool.

Iceland Football Odds

The Icelandic league doesn't garner much interest in terms of betting due to its small stature, but the national team has become punter favourites in recent years with the side's love of a big scalp on the international stage. The team could be backed at odds of around 12/1 to beat England back in the European Championships Round of 16 of 2016. But beat England they duly did.

The domestic league, the Icelandic Men's Premier League, is played from spring through to autumn, for the important reason of avoiding the country's harsh winter, and it therefore benefits from being played through the European summer when most of the major world leagues are on hiatus. This allows it a little more attention than it would normally receive.

The new season is only half-a-dozen games old (as of June 2019), but looking back at the completed 2018 season, the league featured an average of 2.95 goals per game, which is quite a way above the global average. Similarly, 57% of games featured three or more goals, which again would indicate towards plumping for above 2.5 goals on betting coupons.

Icelandic Football History

The tiny (demographically) European country of Iceland has quite a remarkable recent history in terms of football. In 2016, the nation reached its first major championship finals by qualifying for the European Championships in France – during that qualification campaign the Icelanders defeated the Netherlands both home and away.

Yet getting there wasn't enough for Iceland, who then proceeded to reach the knockout phase, where they defeated England in the Round of 16…eventually losing to hosts France in the quarter-finals.

Two years later the country secured an arguably even greater achievement by becoming the smallest nation by population to reach a FIFA World Cup Finals. Unfortunately, on this occasion, the team didn't make it out of the group stages.

Numerous fine footballers have emanated from this volcanic island in the North Atlantic: Eidur Gudjohnsen, who played for both Chelsea and Barcelona, is perhaps the best example. Amazingly Gudjohnsen's father Arnór was still playing for the national team when the younger Gudjohnsen made his international debut.

Currently Iceland can be backed at betting odds of 11/1 to win Group G in Euro 2020 qualifying, while the country is 150/1 to win the tournament outright.

Just a small reminder: Iceland's population is currently around 338,000, which is roughly half the population of the city of Seattle.


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