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Betting on the Irish Premier Division

The League of Ireland Premier Division, also known as the SSE Airtricity League Premier Division, is Ireland's top domestic soccer league, and is operated by the League of Ireland, who are also responsible for the League of Ireland First Division, the second tier. A promotion and relegation system exists between these two leagues.

The ten-team Premier Division features Ireland's top clubs, among them Shamrock Rovers, Bohemians, Cork City and Dundalk, the latter of which has been the most successful club in Ireland in recent times.

Soccer in Ireland is a February to October affair. The league is arranged as such to avoid conflict with the major European Leagues, particularly the English Premier League, which is a major focus for Irish audiences: Manchester United and Liverpool in particular draw substantial supports from the Emerald Isle. For similar reasons, games are frequently played on Friday and Monday nights to avoid Premier League games on weekends. This has the added bonus of giving bettors an accumulator selection on those otherwise quiet days for matches.

Irish Premier Division Odds

Soccer in Ireland is popular but participation rates are affected by the popularity of Gaelic games and rugby. In addition, the best Irish soccer talent is quickly hoovered up by the bigger leagues across the Irish Sea, so the players who make their living from domestic soccer in Ireland are not always the cream of the crop. That said, the league is competitive in nature, although it doesn't see a lot of goals in general, hence going under 2.5 goals is usually a fair bet when making Irish Premier League match additions to coupons. Indeed, so far in 2019, the league has only averaged 2.36 goals per game.

No other statistics of note emanate from the Irish league. For example, home teams do not dominate any more than in other leagues, and the occurrence of draws fits the global average. Dundalk have been the dominant force in recent seasons, so this team's matches are usually characterised by low odds, but this season traditional powerhouses Shamrock Rovers have come to the party, so Dundalk's relative monopoly may be coming to an end. Check out our Ireland soccer odds comparison tool to ensure you take the best odds available on matches in the SSE Airtricity League Premier Division.

Irish Premier Division History

Irish supporters have always loved soccer, and Manchester United, Celtic and Liverpool in particular (although plenty of Irish soccer fans follow other clubs too). Domestically, however, the sport falls behind hurling, Gaelic football and rugby in terms of high-level participation. At a casual level the sport is still immensely popular, and watching and following soccer is as big in Ireland as anywhere in the world: betting coupons featuring both English and Irish Premier League matches are a common sight.

The best Irish players are quickly enticed over to the leagues in Scotland and England, and down the years there have been some memorable names who have emanated from the Emerald Isle, such as Liam Brady, Paul McGrath, Roy Keane and Robbie Keane, who is the Republic's leading international goalscorer of all time. Top English academies continue to produce top Irish talents, and so the state of Irish soccer looks healthy for the future.


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