Italian Football Betting Odds

Football Odds in Italy

Because of the wide range of statistics available, betting on Italian football is easy. When looking to build your bet, it is a reliable country for competitive matches. Serie A might be where the most famous names and teams battle it out week on week, but Serie B and C are also where you can use our coupon builder to get the most out of your selections. Keep an eye out for the Coppa Italia cup for potential upsets. You can make sure you get the best Italian football odds and even combine them with games from other leagues.

The interest in Italian football is global. This plays to your advantage, there are numerous television stations pumping money into the leagues attracting big names. Sky were part of a group that spent over 900 million euros per season to broadcast Serie A. This also means there are a lot of statistics available. These can be used when building your acca.

Football in Italy has a reputation for being played at a slower pace, with more emphasis being put on technique than the likes of the Premier League in England.

Italy Football Odds

It is important to make sure that when you are betting on Italian football, you are getting the best odds possible. Make sure you look at all the professional leagues because like with many of the top leagues, you don't always get competitive odds when betting on the big sides.

First and last goalscorer is a popular bet in Italian football but our comparison tool can help to make life easier when considering over/under goals. Due to the usually defensive nature of the league, it is not uncommon for a large portion of Serie A matches to finish with under 4 goals.

Make the first line of your acca an early winner by betting on one of Italian footballs Friday night games. These regularly start at 9:30 PM UK time and often feature the bigger teams. You never have to wait long for a match as most of them occur over the weekend at 4:00 PM UK time. Like the Premier League, there are also Monday night games to keep an eye out for and include in your Italian football accumulator.

Italian Football History

Much like the country itself, Italian football is steeped in history. Having formed in 1898 along with the governing body of football in Italy known as the Italian Football Federation, the structure as we know it today was shaped in 1929.

The success of their teams in Europe means Italian football has always been well respected. The likes of Juventus, Internazionale, AC Milan, Roma, Napoli and beyond have all been regular names in the later stages of European cups. This page includes betting on the Italy national team and Italian teams in European competitions.

The most successful domestic side by far is Juventus, winning nearly twice as many league titles than the nearest competitors, Ac Milan, and Internazionale.

With so much history, it is no surprise that the world's elite players such as Alessandro Del Piero, Cristiano Ronaldo, Diego Maradona, Francesco Totti, and Paolo Maldini have all played in Italy's top league. These players have increased interest from sponsors, elevated the status of the league and maximised TV revenue. It is clear that Italian football betting is going to continue to thrive around the world.


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