Scottish Football Betting Odds

Betting on Scottish Football

Scottish football is a popular betting focus. This is due to the high numbers of games across the four divisions (and two cup competitions) and because of its relative exposure in comparison to its size. Games involving the Old Firm of Glasgow Celtic and Glasgow Rangers are particularly popular to bet on, and due to those teams' dominance of football in Scotland, it's common to find wins for both on football accumulator coupons.

Below the Scottish Premiership there is the Championship, League 1 and League 2, all of which attract betting interest, while there are also three domestic cup competitions (the Scottish Cup, League Cup and Challenge Cup). These are all covered by our odds comparison tool, as well as two part-time leagues (the Highland and Lowland Leagues) and the Reserves League (Development League) for youth players. The Scottish Football Association, otherwise known as the SFA or Scottish FA is responsible for the control and development of football in Scotland.

Scotland Football Odds

When looking at building a Scottish football coupon, it's hard to ignore the Old Firm of Celtic and Rangers, who tend to dominate proceedings in the major Scottish competitions. Celtic claimed their eighth consecutive league title in 2019, but a rejuvenated Rangers should begin to regularly challenge their great rivals once more.

It's hard to bet against these two giants of Scottish football, and many don't. It's therefore good advice to give the usual 1x2 market a wide berth when it comes to these two teams, as the odds are usually low in favour of the two big boys. Handicap markets are therefore much more profitable.

The other big teams of Aberdeen, Hearts and Hibernian are usually favourable to back when not up against the big two of Celtic and Rangers, especially at home. The number of goals per game in the Scottish Premierships is slightly below average at 2.51 meaning it might be good to go under 2.5 goals in games that don't include the high-scorers of Rangers and Celtic in particular.

Scottish football in general is the devotee to the Saturday 3pm kick off time (GMT) with a couple of matches on Sunday, so is a standard for Saturday football accumulator coupons.

Despite having only 12 teams in the Premiership, and 10 each in the three other divisions, the leagues are organised so that there are 38 matches in the Premiership and 36 in the others, with the addition of playoff games. Add the fact there are three cups and part-time leagues below the four professional divisions, there are a fantastic number of games to select from with regards to Scottish football betting coupons.

Scottish Football History

Scottish football has a rich history, despite not perhaps possessing quite the same calibre of players these days as in its illustrious past. Formed in 1890, the Scottish Football league, which now consists of the Scottish Premiership, Championship, League 1 and League 2, is one of the oldest football competitions anywhere in the world, while the Scottish Cup, inaugurated in 1874, is the second oldest football competition still currently played: only the English FA Cup is older.

Scottish football is dominated by the Old Firm of Glasgow Celtic and Glasgow Rangers: a rivalry which is not only as intense as that found anywhere in the world, but has boasted the league champions in an incredible 104 out of 123 completed seasons as of 2019. Rangers have 54 wins to Celtic's 50. Three teams (Aberdeen, Hearts and Hibernian) have won the competition 4 times, to put those numbers into context.

Football in Scotland no longer makes much of an impact on the European or international stage, but Celtic memorably became the first British team to win the European Cup (now Champions League) in 1967, becoming known thereafter as the Lisbon Lions. Rangers and Aberdeen have also been victorious on the European stage, both claiming victories in the now defunct UEFA Cup Winners' Cup.

Having said that, Celtic and Rangers in particular are usually involved in European competitions, and games involving all levels of the Scottish national team are also popular additions to betting coupons.

Internationally, Scotland now struggles to reach major tournaments, but this betrays an illustrious history when Scottish teams regularly made an impact on World Cups. However, a number of notable players and coaches have been produced from this proud nation: Sir Alex Ferguson, for example, will forever be remembered as the most successful coach in Manchester United's history.


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