Crystal Palace Odds

Chelsea 2 - 0 Crystal Palace (09.11.2019)
Crystal Palace 0 - 2 Leicester City (03.11.2019)
Arsenal 2 - 2 Crystal Palace (27.10.2019)
Crystal Palace 0 - 2 Man City (19.10.2019)
West Ham 1 - 2 Crystal Palace (05.10.2019)

Crystal Palace To Win Premier League Odds

Crystal Palace Betting Stats

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Crystal Palace (Last 10)
Over 0.5
Over 1.5
Over 2.5
Over 3.5
Clean Sheet
Avg. Match Goals 2
Avg. Goals Scored 0.8
Avg. Goals Against 1.2

Crystal Palace Form

  • Overall
  • Home
  • Away
09.11.19 Chelsea 0 - 0 Crystal Palace
03.11.19 Crystal Palace 0 - 2 Leicester City
27.10.19 Arsenal 2 - 2 Crystal Palace
19.10.19 Crystal Palace 0 - 2 Man City
05.10.19 West Ham 1 - 2 Crystal Palace
28.09.19 Crystal Palace 2 - 0 Norwich City
22.09.19 Crystal Palace 1 - 1 Wolves
14.09.19 Tottenham 4 - 0 Crystal Palace
31.08.19 Crystal Palace 1 - 0 Aston Villa
27.08.19 Crystal Palace 0 - 0 Colchester United
24.08.19 Manchester United 1 - 2 Crystal Palace
18.08.19 Sheffield United 1 - 0 Crystal Palace
10.08.19 Crystal Palace 0 - 0 Everton
03.08.19 Crystal Palace 0 - 4 Hertha Berlin
30.07.19 AFC Wimbledon 2 - 2 Crystal Palace
27.07.19 Bristol City 0 - 5 Crystal Palace
20.07.19 Bromley 1 - 0 Crystal Palace
19.07.19 Nottingham Forest 1 - 0 Crystal Palace
16.07.19 Barnet 6 - 2 Crystal Palace
13.07.19 Young Boys 2 - 0 Crystal Palace
09.07.19 Luzern 1 - 1 Crystal Palace
12.05.19 Crystal Palace 5 - 3 Bournemouth
04.05.19 Cardiff City 1 - 2 Crystal Palace
27.04.19 Crystal Palace 0 - 0 Everton
21.04.19 Arsenal 2 - 3 Crystal Palace
14.04.19 Crystal Palace 1 - 3 Man City
06.04.19 Newcastle United 0 - 1 Crystal Palace
03.04.19 Tottenham 2 - 0 Crystal Palace
30.03.19 Crystal Palace 2 - 0 Huddersfield Town
16.03.19 Watford FC 2 - 1 Crystal Palace
09.03.19 Crystal Palace 1 - 2 Brighton
02.03.19 Burnley FC 1 - 3 Crystal Palace
27.02.19 Crystal Palace 1 - 3 Manchester United
23.02.19 Leicester City 1 - 4 Crystal Palace
17.02.19 Doncaster Rovers 0 - 2 Crystal Palace
09.02.19 Crystal Palace 1 - 1 West Ham
02.02.19 Crystal Palace 2 - 0 Fulham FC
30.01.19 Southampton FC 1 - 1 Crystal Palace
27.01.19 Crystal Palace 2 - 0 Tottenham
19.01.19 Liverpool 4 - 3 Crystal Palace
12.01.19 Crystal Palace 1 - 2 Watford FC
05.01.19 Crystal Palace 1 - 0 Grimsby Town
02.01.19 Wolves 0 - 2 Crystal Palace
30.12.18 Crystal Palace 0 - 1 Chelsea
26.12.18 Crystal Palace 0 - 0 Cardiff City
22.12.18 Man City 2 - 3 Crystal Palace
15.12.18 Crystal Palace 1 - 0 Leicester City
08.12.18 West Ham 3 - 2 Crystal Palace
04.12.18 Brighton 3 - 1 Crystal Palace
01.12.18 Crystal Palace 2 - 0 Burnley FC
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Bet on Crystal Palace in the English Premier League using our odds comparison tool, ensuring you secure the most competitive odds on all Crystal Palace matches. The team also compete in the English FA Cup and League Cup, and the best odds for these competitions can also be explored with our odds checker service.

If you need assistance in framing the next bet to make on Crystal Palace, there is a host of other information that the website provides, including all relevant recent statistics detailing form, head-to-head records against the relevant teams, and other relevant data which is specifically designed to help inform specific bets.

For example, if you want to bet on Crystal Palace in the goals market, say over or under 2.5 goals, then we have all the statistics pertaining to the most recent matches detailing how many goals there are in matches featuring the team known as the Eagles. Compare those to the same statistics on Palace's opponents, and you have a fair indication of how to place your bet for the upcoming match.

Then it's just a case of securing the best odds on that event. As well as displaying the most competitive odds, click on those odds to see a comparison between all the most well-established bookmakers to make sure that you are not only getting the best odds, but at the bookmaker of your choice.

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Crystal Palace Betting Odds

When assessing the betting odds on Crystal Palace, it is important to consider numerous factors surrounding the team, and the context of the division and competitions in which the team competes.

Palace, as the team is often referred to simply as, are not a giant in English football terms, and have never secured a major trophy in the club's long history. That said, the team has a passionate local support, making their Selhurst Park home somewhat of a tricky spot to visit, and despite its limitations in terms of finances and legacy, the team has somehow been able to establish itself as a relative mainstay of the English top flight.

However, regular English football bettors will know that Palace are a club that are usually to be found somewhere between mid-table and the Premier League relegation places, and so the odds on Crystal Palace usually reflect the fact that this is a team that struggles in the division. At the start of every season, Palace are usually among the teams mentioned in terms of relegation, and outright odds on the team to go down are usually fairly short, even though the team would be rarely the favourite to do so. Similarly, outright odds on Crystal Palace to win the league would nearly be as long as they were on Leicester City to win in that miraculous season when they actually did so, and cautious bookmakers have been sure to bring down their odds slightly ever since on unlikely events such as Leicester's triumph occurring.

The fact is that the odds on Crystal Palace, and the regular betting patterns on the Eagles, represent that this is a team with relatively low expectations, although the team does possess a handful of talents who can hurt any given team on their day (see their win at Manchester City in the 2018/19 season as a great example of that). It's victories like that which keep bettors interested.

History of Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace are a team that stirs up intense passion in their native South London, and the club's home ground, Selhurst Park, is well known in England for producing a raucous atmosphere which can be intimidating for visiting teams. Although in capital city terms the club may not have the number of supporters of, say, Arsenal, Tottenham, Chelsea or West Ham, it is a club which has a loyal fanbase which backs their team to the hilt.

Selhurst Park is a small ground with the fans near to the pitch, helping to create an intimidating atmosphere that for so long served the team well in securing home success. Betting on Crystal Palace at home was seen as relatively secure bet (if there is such a thing) for many years, especially when the club competed in the Championship (and before that First Division) which it has done so intermittently in for the last 30 years or so. Indeed, betting on Crystal Palace in that timeframe could just have easily meant betting on the Championship as it could have meant betting on the Premier League, such were the mixed fortunes of the team.

As of the end of the 2018/19 season, the club is enjoying one of its longest streaks in the top tier of English football, although betting on Crystal Palace will often reflect the fact that this is a team that often has the threat of relegation hanging over it. Palace, it seems, are never totally secure in their top-flight status.

Historically, the team has never been among the elite in English football, with very modest success that doesn't include a league title or an FA Cup win. The team have reached two FA Cup finals in the last 30 years, but lost out extremely narrowly to Manchester United on both occasions. The odds on Palace to wins those matches beforehand would have revealed that a narrow defeat was a lot closer than the bookmakers predicted on both occasions.

Player-wise, there have been a few notable talents to represent the team known as The Eagles down the years. Ian Wright, who went on to become a legend at Arsenal, made his name at the club, and other England internationals to pull on the famous striped jersey include Mark Bright, Geoff Thomas, Nigel Martyn and Kenny Sansom. This is a proud club that does well to compete regularly in the elite English league, although betting on Crystal Palace will show this is a serious underdog in a league of established behemoths.


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