Liverpool Odds

Liverpool 2 - 1 Leicester City (05.10.2019)
Liverpool 4 - 3 Salzburg (02.10.2019)
Sheffield United 0 - 1 Liverpool (28.09.2019)
MK Dons 0 - 2 Liverpool (25.09.2019)
Chelsea 1 - 2 Liverpool (22.09.2019)

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Liverpool Betting Stats

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Liverpool (Last 10)
Over 0.5
Over 1.5
Over 2.5
Over 3.5
Clean Sheet
Avg. Match Goals 3.2
Avg. Goals Scored 2.2
Avg. Goals Against 1

Liverpool Form

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  • Away
05.10.19 Liverpool 2 - 1 Leicester City
02.10.19 Liverpool 4 - 3 Salzburg
28.09.19 Sheffield United 0 - 1 Liverpool
25.09.19 MK Dons 0 - 2 Liverpool
22.09.19 Chelsea 1 - 2 Liverpool
17.09.19 Napoli 2 - 0 Liverpool
14.09.19 Liverpool 3 - 1 Newcastle United
31.08.19 Burnley FC 0 - 3 Liverpool
24.08.19 Liverpool 3 - 1 Arsenal
17.08.19 Southampton FC 1 - 2 Liverpool
14.08.19 Liverpool 2 - 2 Chelsea
09.08.19 Liverpool 4 - 1 Norwich City
06.08.19 Liverpool 0 - 0 Schalke
04.08.19 Liverpool 1 - 1 Man City
31.07.19 Liverpool 3 - 1 Lyon
28.07.19 Liverpool 0 - 3 Napoli
25.07.19 Sporting CP 2 - 2 Liverpool
21.07.19 Sevilla FC 2 - 1 Liverpool
20.07.19 Borussia Dortmund 3 - 2 Liverpool
14.07.19 Bradford City 1 - 3 Liverpool
11.07.19 Tranmere Rovers 0 - 6 Liverpool
01.06.19 Tottenham 0 - 2 Liverpool
12.05.19 Liverpool 2 - 0 Wolves
07.05.19 Liverpool 4 - 0 Barcelona
04.05.19 Newcastle United 2 - 3 Liverpool
01.05.19 Barcelona 3 - 0 Liverpool
26.04.19 Liverpool 5 - 0 Huddersfield Town
21.04.19 Cardiff City 0 - 2 Liverpool
17.04.19 FC Porto 1 - 4 Liverpool
14.04.19 Liverpool 2 - 0 Chelsea
09.04.19 Liverpool 2 - 0 FC Porto
05.04.19 Southampton FC 1 - 3 Liverpool
31.03.19 Liverpool 2 - 1 Tottenham
17.03.19 Fulham FC 1 - 2 Liverpool
13.03.19 Bayern Munich 1 - 3 Liverpool
10.03.19 Liverpool 4 - 2 Burnley FC
03.03.19 Everton 0 - 0 Liverpool
27.02.19 Liverpool 5 - 0 Watford FC
24.02.19 Manchester United 0 - 0 Liverpool
19.02.19 Liverpool 0 - 0 Bayern Munich
09.02.19 Liverpool 3 - 0 Bournemouth
04.02.19 West Ham 1 - 1 Liverpool
30.01.19 Liverpool 1 - 1 Leicester City
19.01.19 Liverpool 4 - 3 Crystal Palace
12.01.19 Brighton 0 - 1 Liverpool
07.01.19 Wolves 2 - 1 Liverpool
03.01.19 Man City 2 - 1 Liverpool
29.12.18 Liverpool 5 - 1 Arsenal
26.12.18 Liverpool 4 - 0 Newcastle United
21.12.18 Wolves 0 - 2 Liverpool
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Bet on Liverpool

We have built everything you need, all in one place to bet on Liverpool. Our tool makes it easier than ever to find the best Liverpool odds whilst using statistics and form to make better informed decisions.

Liverpool are one of the most famous names in global football circles. The club has an appeal that is arguably as large as that of any other club, including super clubs such as Real Madrid and Barcelona. Indeed, Liverpool's support could be argued to be as passionate as any other, and the club has become as iconic a part of this English city as The Beatles. Betting on Liverpool is as popular as supporting the club.

The Reds are a firmly established member of the English Premier League, and have been ever present in the competition since its inception in 1992. Rather incredibly, the club have not won the league in that time, although regularly feature at the top, and have finished second on a number of occasion. Pre-season odds on Liverpool winning the Premier League are usually quite low, and the club regularly finds itself as the second or third favourites to claim the Premier League trophy. Certainly with the club's current coach and incredible array of talent, a maiden Premier League title win seems only a matter of time.

Liverpool betting odds are of course available with all bookmakers as the club is a worldwide phenomenon and the popularity of the English Premier league extends around the world. Indeed, Liverpool can boast fan bases in nearly every corner of the globe, and so betting on the team from Anfield is as popular, if not more so, than betting on any other team in world football. Due to the team's success down the years, the team are regularly added to football betting accumulators, especially when the team is playing at their fortress home, although the odds can be extremely against the away team clinching an unlikely victory.

In 2018/19 Liverpool claimed another famous victory in defeating Tottenham Hotspur in the UEFA Champions League final, further cementing the club's reputation as one of the most successful in world football. In addition, The match attracted some of the highest betting numbers ever seen on a single sporting event. Liverpool betting odds will continue to be a well studied feature to punters around the world for some time to come.

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Liverpool Betting Odds

Odds on Liverpool to win matches are often on the low side as the club is such a successful one. Indeed, when the team is playing at home, odds on The Reds can be as low as 1.10 due to the team's dominance in front of the passionate crowd that follow the club. For that reason, shopping around for odds and using an odds comparison tool such as our website is just smart, and can really make a difference to your betting numbers over time, especially when focusing on a club such as Liverpool.

The odds on Liverpool winning the Premier League are low every year, although the club has never started the new season as favourites. In recent times Liverpool surely would have claimed a title if it were not for the dominance of Pep Guardiola's Manchester City, and The Reds were still able to clinch their sixth European Cup/Champions League win in 2018/19.

The English Premier League has developed an established 'Top 6' clubs over time in which Liverpool are a firm member. Betting on Liverpool is a popular pastime both in England and around the world, and the club are one of the most prominent sights on football accumulators. As well as backing the team at its fortress Anfield home, unlikely come-from-behind wins have also become a feature of Liverpool down the years, and a win at extreme odds, especially those that may become available in-play, is always loved by any punter.

Success seems set to continue for Liverpool, although the Premier League title is the one trophy that the club's supporters really want, and the odds on that prospect continue to drop as Jürgen Klopp establishes an effective and entertaining team at Anfield. Surely it's only a matter of time before Liverpool clinch a Premier League title, and it's important to make sure you secure the best odds on the team's road to that success.

Liverpool History

For the greatest part of English football history, Liverpool have been the country's most dominant side. Through the 1970s and 1980s the team from the port city in North-West England claimed title after title and added European success to their haul which won the club legendary status and a number of fans around the world. The club is particularly well supported in Ireland and Scandinavia, and betting on Liverpool is as popular as betting on any other team in football, if not more so.

There are so many aspects that make the club iconic, including the team's success over an extended period, amazing European achievements (six European Cups / Champions League titles and counting), the legendary status of the clubs' stadium, Anfield, and the 'You'll Never Walk Alone' song that gets pumped out before every home match. There has also been a lot of tragedy down the years that has further cemented love and support for the club. The team's iconic red kit, and the fact that the side has boasted some of the world's best players down the years also hasn't harmed the legacy of Liverpool FC.

Odds on Liverpool to win are forever low, even when the team isn't punching at the same standards, simply because it's Liverpool. And the famous Anfield roar will always propel the club to unlikely wins at extremely long odds (look at the team's annihilation of Barcelona in the 2018/19 Champions League semi-final as a prime example of that fact).

However, these days the club has a coach and team which is the envy of European football, and odds will continue to remain low on this incredible team for the foreseeable future. Betting interest will remain strong around the globe, while the odds on Liverpool winning a maiden Premier League title will continue to fall for as long as Jürgen Klopp continues to build a team to be reckoned with. Get the best odds for betting on Liverpool by using' bet comparison tool.


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