Tottenham Odds

Brighton 3 - 0 Tottenham (05.10.2019)
Tottenham 2 - 7 Bayern Munich (01.10.2019)
Tottenham 2 - 1 Southampton FC (28.09.2019)
Colchester United 0 - 0 Tottenham (24.09.2019)
Leicester City 2 - 1 Tottenham (21.09.2019)

Tottenham To Win Premier League Odds

Tottenham Betting Stats

  • Overall
  • Home
  • Away
Tottenham (Last 10)
Over 0.5
Over 1.5
Over 2.5
Over 3.5
Clean Sheet
Avg. Match Goals 3.5
Avg. Goals Scored 1.5
Avg. Goals Against 2

Tottenham Form

  • Overall
  • Home
  • Away
05.10.19 Brighton 3 - 0 Tottenham
01.10.19 Tottenham 2 - 7 Bayern Munich
28.09.19 Tottenham 2 - 1 Southampton FC
24.09.19 Colchester United 0 - 0 Tottenham
21.09.19 Leicester City 2 - 1 Tottenham
18.09.19 Olympiacos 2 - 2 Tottenham
14.09.19 Tottenham 4 - 0 Crystal Palace
01.09.19 Arsenal 2 - 2 Tottenham
25.08.19 Tottenham 0 - 1 Newcastle United
17.08.19 Man City 2 - 2 Tottenham
10.08.19 Tottenham 3 - 1 Aston Villa
04.08.19 Tottenham 1 - 1 Inter Milan
31.07.19 Tottenham 2 - 2 Bayern Munich
30.07.19 Real Madrid 0 - 1 Tottenham
25.07.19 Tottenham 1 - 2 Manchester United
21.07.19 Juventus 2 - 3 Tottenham
01.06.19 Tottenham 0 - 2 Liverpool
12.05.19 Tottenham 2 - 2 Everton
08.05.19 Ajax 2 - 3 Tottenham
04.05.19 Bournemouth 1 - 0 Tottenham
30.04.19 Tottenham 0 - 1 Ajax
27.04.19 Tottenham 0 - 1 West Ham
23.04.19 Tottenham 1 - 0 Brighton
20.04.19 Man City 1 - 0 Tottenham
17.04.19 Man City 4 - 3 Tottenham
13.04.19 Tottenham 4 - 0 Huddersfield Town
09.04.19 Tottenham 1 - 0 Man City
03.04.19 Tottenham 2 - 0 Crystal Palace
31.03.19 Liverpool 2 - 1 Tottenham
09.03.19 Southampton FC 2 - 1 Tottenham
05.03.19 Borussia Dortmund 0 - 1 Tottenham
02.03.19 Tottenham 1 - 1 Arsenal
27.02.19 Chelsea 2 - 0 Tottenham
23.02.19 Burnley FC 2 - 1 Tottenham
13.02.19 Tottenham 3 - 0 Borussia Dortmund
10.02.19 Tottenham 3 - 1 Leicester City
02.02.19 Tottenham 1 - 0 Newcastle United
30.01.19 Tottenham 2 - 1 Watford FC
27.01.19 Crystal Palace 2 - 0 Tottenham
24.01.19 Chelsea 2 - 1 Tottenham
20.01.19 Fulham FC 1 - 2 Tottenham
13.01.19 Tottenham 0 - 1 Manchester United
08.01.19 Tottenham 1 - 0 Chelsea
04.01.19 Tranmere Rovers 0 - 7 Tottenham
01.01.19 Cardiff City 0 - 3 Tottenham
29.12.18 Tottenham 1 - 3 Wolves
26.12.18 Tottenham 5 - 0 Bournemouth
23.12.18 Everton 2 - 6 Tottenham
19.12.18 Arsenal 0 - 2 Tottenham
15.12.18 Tottenham 1 - 0 Burnley FC
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Bet on Spurs

This is your one-stop page to bet on Spurs. With the best odds, statistics and form you can make more informed decisions on your next bets.

Tottenham Hotspur are one of the grand old names of English football, and are a London-based team who ply their trade in the English Premier League. Indeed, since the Premier League's inception in 1992, Tottenham, or Spurs as the club is known, have been an ever-present in the competition, although as of the completed 2018/19 season, have yet to win the title.

In recent times Tottenham have established themselves as part of the elite 'Big 6' or 'Top 6' clubs. These comprise of Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Spurs, although the latter and Liverpool are the only two clubs not to have won the Premier League title since the competition's rebranding.

Betting on Tottenham, therefore, is a popular activity among punters. Not only does the club play in the ever-popular Premier League, but the team has become a consistent sight in the UEFA Champions League too in recent years, further attracting betting attention.

Odds on Spurs are therefore among the most popular searches among betting enthusiasts of all experience. Spurs are also one of the most popular clubs in England, and have a support base that extends around the world. Indeed, due to performances of one of Spurs' better-known players, the South Korean Son Heung-Min, Tottenham have become one of the biggest names in Asia too, and attract casual viewers and bettors in great numbers from that part of the world. Indeed, that is a market that the club is actively trying to exploit.

Among title contenders, betting on Tottenham to win the league is often seen as an educated but outside chance. The club have not won an English Top Division since 1961, but Spurs are regular competitors towards the top of the table, and reached their maiden Champions League Final in 2019 to further cement their reputation. If you are looking for a consistent performer whose odds are usually slightly more competitive than the likes of Manchester City, then betting on Tottenham in both the Premier League and Champions League, as well as the domestic cup competitions is often a smart choice. Odds on Tottenham can be found with all bookmakers, which makes using an odds comparison service like ours a wise choice.

Useful Spurs Resource

Tottenham Betting Odds

There are a number of interesting markets when it comes to betting on Tottenham Hotspur, and the club is one of the most attractive propositions among punters when it comes to both single bets and football accumulators.

Among title contenders, being among the established monopoly of big clubs in England and the Premier League, Tottenham's name is always in the conversation. However, the fact is the club are yet to win a Premier League crown and have only finished in second position once (up to and including the 2018/19 season), even though the team has finished in the top six in every season between 2009/10 and 2018/19. That makes for a consistent performer, although one that ultimately does not bring home the big prize. Betting on Tottenham in terms of a league win, and in head-to-head games among the teams in the 'Top 6' cartel is therefore considered a bit of a long shot.

However, in terms of individual matches within the Premier League, and not to mention the EFL or FA Cup, Tottenham are often a team to be backed at pretty low odds to secure a win, especially at home in the magnificent Tottenham Hotspur stadium in North London.

Tottenham are often added to accumulators too for that very same reason.

Traditionally high scorers, and often not the best at keeping clean sheets, bets on Tottenham often features the over 2.5 goals market, and even higher, as well as the popular Both Teams to Score (BTTS) market. Although odds on Tottenham wins can be on the low side among most popular bookmakers, shopping around for your odds by using our bet comparison tool can ensure better odds when betting on Spurs.

History of Tottenham Hotspur

The London club of Tottenham Hotspur was established in 1882, making it among the oldest football clubs in the world, although the team did not originally compete in the professional English first division until the start of the twentieth century.

Over the intervening years the club has established itself as one of the more successful and well-supported teams in England, although the team has never won major honours in numbers to rival the likes of Manchester United and Liverpool. Betting on Tottenham for a major honour has always been considered a bit of a risk, although that has started to change in recent times under the shrewd leadership of Mauricio Pochettino.

Up to and including the end of the 2018/19 English season, Tottenham had only won two English championships, although a host of cup wins has made the club a popular bet in those competitions, and the team has also been a regular competitor in European competitions in the last twenty or so years, up to and including the same 2018/19 season. The odds on Tottenham to win the Premier League title, however, are usually pretty long due to that average record in the top flight of English football.

One thing Tottenham Hotspur have been blessed with down the years is a host of fantastic and entertaining footballing talent, which has won a legion of fans as well as the attention of betting aficionados. Jimmy Greaves, Ossie Ardiles, Glenn Hoddle, Paul Gascoigne, Gary Lineker, David Ginola, Teddy Sheringham, Robbie Keane, Gareth Bale and Harry Kane are just some of the names who have worn the Lillywhite shirt over the years. With that kind of talent on display, goals have never been a major issue for Tottenham, and betting on Spurs often means backing high goalscorer markets (at both ends of the pitch).

The club continues to increase its global presence around the world thanks to its continued improved performances in both domestic and European competitions, as well as the club's capture and retention of major global footballing talent including Harry Kane, Christian Eriksen and Son Heung-Min. These days, football punters are betting on Tottenham around the world, and the team's performances are being followed by an increasingly global audience.


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