Watford FC Odds

Norwich City 0 - 2 Watford FC (08.11.2019)
Watford FC 1 - 2 Chelsea (02.11.2019)
Everton 2 - 0 Watford FC (29.10.2019)
Watford FC 0 - 0 Bournemouth (26.10.2019)
Tottenham 1 - 1 Watford FC (19.10.2019)

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Watford FC Betting Stats

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  • Home
  • Away
Watford FC (Last 10)
Over 0.5
Over 1.5
Over 2.5
Over 3.5
Clean Sheet
Avg. Match Goals 2.6
Avg. Goals Scored 0.8
Avg. Goals Against 1.8

Watford FC Form

  • Overall
  • Home
  • Away
08.11.19 Norwich City 0 - 2 Watford FC
02.11.19 Watford FC 1 - 2 Chelsea
29.10.19 Everton 2 - 0 Watford FC
26.10.19 Watford FC 0 - 0 Bournemouth
19.10.19 Tottenham 1 - 1 Watford FC
05.10.19 Watford FC 0 - 0 Sheffield United
28.09.19 Wolves 2 - 0 Watford FC
24.09.19 Watford FC 2 - 1 Swansea City
21.09.19 Man City 8 - 0 Watford FC
15.09.19 Watford FC 2 - 2 Arsenal
31.08.19 Newcastle United 1 - 1 Watford FC
27.08.19 Watford FC 3 - 0 Coventry City
24.08.19 Watford FC 1 - 3 West Ham
17.08.19 Everton 1 - 0 Watford FC
10.08.19 Watford FC 0 - 3 Brighton
03.08.19 Watford FC 2 - 1 Real Sociedad
27.07.19 QPR 0 - 1 Watford FC
20.07.19 Bayer Leverkusen 1 - 2 Watford FC
18.07.19 Ajax 2 - 1 Watford FC
18.05.19 Man City 6 - 0 Watford FC
12.05.19 Watford FC 1 - 4 West Ham
05.05.19 Chelsea 3 - 0 Watford FC
27.04.19 Watford FC 1 - 1 Wolves
23.04.19 Watford FC 1 - 1 Southampton FC
20.04.19 Huddersfield Town 1 - 2 Watford FC
15.04.19 Watford FC 0 - 1 Arsenal
07.04.19 Watford FC 3 - 2 Wolves
02.04.19 Watford FC 4 - 1 Fulham FC
30.03.19 Manchester United 2 - 1 Watford FC
16.03.19 Watford FC 2 - 1 Crystal Palace
09.03.19 Man City 3 - 1 Watford FC
03.03.19 Watford FC 2 - 1 Leicester City
27.02.19 Liverpool 5 - 0 Watford FC
22.02.19 Cardiff City 1 - 5 Watford FC
15.02.19 QPR 0 - 1 Watford FC
09.02.19 Watford FC 1 - 0 Everton
02.02.19 Brighton 0 - 0 Watford FC
30.01.19 Tottenham 2 - 1 Watford FC
26.01.19 Newcastle United 0 - 2 Watford FC
19.01.19 Watford FC 0 - 0 Burnley FC
12.01.19 Crystal Palace 1 - 2 Watford FC
06.01.19 Woking 0 - 2 Watford FC
02.01.19 Bournemouth 3 - 3 Watford FC
29.12.18 Watford FC 1 - 1 Newcastle United
26.12.18 Watford FC 1 - 2 Chelsea
22.12.18 West Ham 0 - 2 Watford FC
15.12.18 Watford FC 3 - 2 Cardiff City
10.12.18 Everton 2 - 2 Watford FC
04.12.18 Watford FC 1 - 2 Man City
01.12.18 Leicester City 2 - 0 Watford FC
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Bet on Watford

Watford, known by their nickname the Hornets due their famous yellow kit, are a Premier League team based in the town of Watford, Hertfordshire, situated close to London. For that reason, the team is often categorised as a London club, even though that is not completely accurate. Nevertheless, it sees the team pitted in a region saturated with big Premier League teams, and supporters have enduring rivalries with most of those teams.

Watford are one of the Premier League's smaller teams in terms of size, support and resources, but that has not prevented the club from becoming a mainstay of the division for many years now. The 2018/19 season in the club's fifth consecutive in England's elite league, and the team has become more comfortable and firmly established year on year, thanks partly to a creative transfer policy undertaken by the club's owners.

As part of the Premier League party, Watford are a club that attracts the interests of bettors far and wide, both in the Premier League and, thanks to the fame of clubs playing in the English top flight, in the English cups too. If deciding to bet on a game featuring The Hornets, ensure you get the best odds by taking advantage of our odds comparison tool, bringing you the most competitive odds as provided by the best-known and most-respected bookmakers.

All odds displayed are updated in real time, and there are quotes available on a huge variety of markets, ensuring your betting on Watford is not just limited to match odds. Goals and goalscorer markets can be particularly attractive when betting on a Watford game, and be sure to check out all the pertinent statistics relating to these types of bets, also on the match page.

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Watford Betting Odds

What can you expect from the odds when betting on Watford? Like any team under the elite six clubs in the Premier League (namely, Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham) Watford are seen as outsiders. Under these elite teams there is widely-accepted second tier of clubs which are perennially struggling to break the stranglehold of these big clubs: it is within this second tier that Watford aspire to be, but realistically the club can be grouped together with the likes of Bournemouth and Burnley as a side that achieves its success by staying in the Premier League season after season.

That fact may be slightly disingenuous to Watford players and supporters, but football is a hugely competitive business, and fighting to maintain your place at the top table is the harsh reality for nearly every single club. There are teams with support bases and legacies much larger than Watford who are fighting to get back to the promised land in English football (see Leeds United), so betting on Watford should be seen through the prism of that reality, and the odds on Watford will tell that story.

The Hornets are very rarely favourites unless they are playing a relegation-threated team at home iat their Vicarage Road stadium. That means the odds on Watford to win any game usually offer decent potential returns, and when the team is away, you can expect to find those odds nearly always above 3.00, and north of 12.00 when the home team is well recognised.

Goals and handicap markets are also an attractive proposition when betting on Watford. The team is not averse to scoring goals, and bets above 2.5 goals, and Both Teams to Score (BTTS) are popular options. The current Watford side (as of the start of the 2018/19 season) shares the goals around so betting on first and last goalscorer can be a lucrative but haphazard option. Whichever bet you choose to place on The Hornets, ensure you do so at the best odds by using our detailed odds checker service.

History of Watford FC

Watford are another famous old name in English football circles, even though the majority of the club's history has been spent outside of the highest division. Indeed, as far as history goes, recent times have probably been the most successful in terms of the club's longest sustained stay in the English top flight.

Although not necessarily a Premier League mainstay, Watford have developed a reputation over recent years for an entertaining and competitive approach to the game, while there have been some notable players too who have usually moved on to greater things at other clubs. Ashley Young, the current Manchester United captain (as of the start of the 2018/19 season) is a prime example. Add the likes of Luther Blissett and John Barnes to the list (if stretching back a little further) and an all-time Watford XI could give anyone a game.

The club's most famous manager was Graham Taylor, who successfully steered the club up the divisions and gave it its first taste of top flight football back in the 1980s. Interestingly enough, this period coincided with the support of one very well-known benefactor, Sir Elton John. The famous musician is a local lad and passionate supporter of the team.

Betting on Watford then has not always been a hugely popular activity, mostly because the club has not always been a Premier League regular. Indeed, the club does not have much pedigree at all when it comes to major trophies, but then if we were to judge every team by that margin, there would not be many significant teams at all. Watford are a welcome member of the Premier League club due to the friendly atmosphere always on display at the team's Vicarage Road home, the usually attractive nature of the team's football, the colour of the team's kit, of course, not to mention the host of talent (and celebrity fans that the club has boasted down the years. The Hornets add colour to the Premier League is more ways than one, and betting on Watford can also be a lucrative option, especially when performed in collaboration with our odds comparison service.


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