West Ham Odds

West Ham 1 - 2 Crystal Palace (05.10.2019)
Bournemouth 2 - 2 West Ham (28.09.2019)
Oxford United 4 - 0 West Ham (25.09.2019)
West Ham 2 - 0 Manchester United (22.09.2019)
Aston Villa 0 - 0 West Ham (16.09.2019)

West Ham To Win Premier League Odds

West Ham Betting Stats

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West Ham (Last 10)
Over 0.5
Over 1.5
Over 2.5
Over 3.5
Clean Sheet
Avg. Match Goals 2.8
Avg. Goals Scored 1.3
Avg. Goals Against 1.5

West Ham Form

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  • Home
  • Away
05.10.19 West Ham 1 - 2 Crystal Palace
28.09.19 Bournemouth 2 - 2 West Ham
25.09.19 Oxford United 4 - 0 West Ham
22.09.19 West Ham 2 - 0 Manchester United
16.09.19 Aston Villa 0 - 0 West Ham
31.08.19 West Ham 2 - 0 Norwich City
27.08.19 Newport County 0 - 2 West Ham
24.08.19 Watford FC 1 - 3 West Ham
17.08.19 Brighton 1 - 1 West Ham
10.08.19 West Ham 0 - 5 Man City
03.08.19 West Ham 2 - 2 Athletic Bilbao
31.07.19 Hertha Berlin 3 - 5 West Ham
27.07.19 Fulham FC 0 - 1 West Ham
20.07.19 Newcastle United 1 - 0 West Ham
17.07.19 Man City 4 - 1 West Ham
11.07.19 Altach 2 - 3 West Ham
12.05.19 Watford FC 1 - 4 West Ham
04.05.19 West Ham 3 - 0 Southampton FC
27.04.19 Tottenham 0 - 1 West Ham
20.04.19 West Ham 2 - 2 Leicester City
13.04.19 Manchester United 2 - 1 West Ham
08.04.19 Chelsea 2 - 0 West Ham
30.03.19 West Ham 0 - 2 Everton
16.03.19 West Ham 4 - 3 Huddersfield Town
09.03.19 Cardiff City 2 - 0 West Ham
02.03.19 West Ham 2 - 0 Newcastle United
27.02.19 Man City 1 - 0 West Ham
22.02.19 West Ham 3 - 1 Fulham FC
09.02.19 Crystal Palace 1 - 1 West Ham
04.02.19 West Ham 1 - 1 Liverpool
29.01.19 Wolves 3 - 0 West Ham
26.01.19 AFC Wimbledon 4 - 2 West Ham
19.01.19 Bournemouth 2 - 0 West Ham
12.01.19 West Ham 1 - 0 Arsenal
05.01.19 West Ham 2 - 0 Birmingham City
02.01.19 West Ham 2 - 2 Brighton
30.12.18 Burnley FC 2 - 0 West Ham
27.12.18 Southampton FC 1 - 2 West Ham
22.12.18 West Ham 0 - 2 Watford FC
15.12.18 Fulham FC 0 - 2 West Ham
08.12.18 West Ham 3 - 2 Crystal Palace
04.12.18 West Ham 3 - 1 Cardiff City
01.12.18 Newcastle United 0 - 3 West Ham
24.11.18 West Ham 0 - 4 Man City
10.11.18 Huddersfield Town 1 - 1 West Ham
03.11.18 West Ham 4 - 2 Burnley FC
31.10.18 West Ham 1 - 3 Tottenham
27.10.18 Leicester City 1 - 1 West Ham
20.10.18 West Ham 0 - 1 Tottenham
05.10.18 Brighton 1 - 0 West Ham
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Bet on West Ham United

Bet on West Ham with the assistance of our odds comparison tool, and check through our dedicate team pages. Our insights and match statistics can better inform you for your bets and help you get the best odds on West Ham and the English Premier League.

West Ham United, known colloquially as the Hammers, are an English Premier League team based in East London. The club are famous for their claret-and-blue shirts, vociferous support, and a number of stylish players that have graced the turf at Upton Park (the club's former home) and now the London Stadium where the side currently plays.

Betting on West Ham is a popular choice, simply because the club plays in the English Premier League, which is undoubtedly one of the most popular betting markets in world football. Indeed, many of the world's biggest sports bookmakers originate from Britain, and so it is unsurprising that English football is such a focus, with a host of offers usually on display too.

West Ham are also competitors in the English FA Cup and League Cup, of course, although the team wouldn't qualify very often for European competition. Betting on West Ham, therefore, is usually restricted to domestic competitions.

Betting on West Ham offers the possibility of all the common markets of 1x2, handicap bets (both traditional and Asian), goal markets and more. Nearly every single bookmaker will offer odds on English Premier League teams, and so hunting down value by using an odds comparison service is highly recommended in terms of maximising value, whether betting on (or against) West Ham or any other team.

Useful West Ham Resource

West Ham United Betting Odds

West Ham are not necessarily one of the biggest teams in England in terms of trophies won, but the club are an established member of the Premier League (despite a couple of relegations in the competition's history) and would be widely-regarded as one of the more important clubs in the country. Certainly, in terms of support and exposure, the club holds its own.

Success has been hard fought down the years due to the number of big clubs that England possesses, and it is of course difficult for any club to claim a trophy in such an environment. West Ham odds will usually reflect the fact that the club are not among the elite teams, and West Ham winning the Premier League, for example, would be an achievement along the lines of Leicester's stunning success back in 2015/16. Never again will bookmakers get caught offering such long odds on a smaller team winning the ultimate prize in English football, however.

So what can you expect from the odds offered on West Ham. In terms of overall winners of the Premier League, the club start each and every season well and truly among the outsiders with odds of 250/1 and greater not unusual. In terms of the FA Cup, the odds would be less, but again West Ham would perhaps only squeeze in among the top ten contenders, but a long long way behind the likes of Manchester United and Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea, for example.

On an individual match basis, however, West Ham odds become extremely interesting, as the odds always do in matches where the established big boys are not featuring. It would be unusual to find West Ham at odds of under 2.00 in any Premier League game (the FA Cup would differ) and in away games, those odds are very rarely less than 2.50. The fact is, outside of the current established 'Top 6' clubs in England, matches between all the other teams are relatively evenly spread. That offers value, and great opportunities to bettors who take the time to hunt down the value, and study the form and statistics on offer.

As well as offering its odds comparison service, our website provides a whole host of statistics which can assist in deciding on the bet to place. Statistics such as head-to-head record, the number of goals scored and conceded, and recent form, are all valuable when betting on West Ham, and indeed any other team. West Ham may be an outsider, but that is where true value is to be found in betting circles, especially if you wish to go down the path of traditional 1x2 betting.

History of West Ham United United

West Ham United are an old and well-established club in English football, and the name would be familiar to even those who do not follow the beautiful game in Britain and beyond. Betting on West Ham, either for or against the club, is a regular activity too, as it would be for practically every English Premier League club. This is a competition that receives an unbelievable amount of interest both domestically and around the world.

West Ham haven't secured many trophies down the years. In fact, the club's last major domestic trophy (as of the end of the 2018/19 season) was victory in the FA Cup in 1980. But of course that is not unusual in football where a small number of teams tend to dominate domestic football. For so long in England those teams were Liverpool and then Manchester United, but changing financial situations have also brought the likes of Chelsea and Manchester City to the fore.

What West Ham United can boast is a history of incredible footballing talent that has pulled on the claret-and-blue shirt. Indeed, West Ham fans love to sing about the club's three players who were instrumental in securing England's Word Cup success in 1966: captain Bobby Moore, Martin Peters and hat-trick hero in the final, Geoff Hurst. Since then there has been Jimmy Greaves, Trevor Brooking, Frank Lampard, Rio Ferdinand, Paolo di Canio and Dimitri Payet. It's quite the list of enigmatic talent.

West Ham odds reflect the fact that the club is outside of England's elite. Yet the popularity of betting on West Ham also shows that the club is consistently in the betting conversation as a regular performer in the English Premier League.


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