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MLS Table

Team MP D D D + - +/- Pts Team Form
1 Los Angeles FC 30 19 7 4 77 33 44 64 D D W D W
2 New York City FC 30 16 9 5 56 37 19 57 W D W W W
3 Philadelphia Union 30 15 7 8 55 43 12 52 D W W W W
4 Atlanta United 30 16 3 11 50 36 14 51 W W W W W
5 Seattle Sounders 31 14 8 9 50 47 3 50 D W W W W
6 Minnesota United 30 14 6 10 49 40 9 48 W W W W W
7 Real Salt Lake 30 14 4 12 42 38 4 46 W W W W W
8 DC United 31 12 9 10 40 38 2 45 W W W W W
9 LA Galaxy 30 14 3 13 49 49 0 45 W W W D D
10 Toronto FC 31 12 9 10 53 49 4 45 D W D W D
11 FC Dallas 31 12 8 11 47 42 5 44 D W W W D
12 New York Red Bulls 31 13 5 13 51 48 3 44 W W W W W
13 San Jose Earthquakes 30 13 5 12 49 46 3 44 W W W W W
14 Portland Timbers 30 13 4 13 45 44 1 43 W W W W W
15 New England Revolution 30 10 10 10 45 52 -7 40 D W D W D
16 Chicago Fire 31 9 10 12 48 43 5 37 W D W W W
17 Sporting Kansas City 30 10 7 13 44 54 -10 37 W W W W W
18 Montreal Impact 31 11 4 16 42 57 -15 37 D W W W W
19 Colorado Rapids 31 10 6 15 51 58 -7 36 W W W W W
20 Orlando City 31 9 9 13 40 44 -4 36 D D W W D
21 Columbus Crew 31 9 7 15 36 45 -9 34 W D W W D
22 Houston Dynamo 30 10 4 16 41 51 -10 34 W W W W D
23 Vancouver Whitecaps 31 7 9 15 32 54 -22 30 W W W W W
24 FC Cincinnati 31 6 3 22 30 74 -44 21 W W W W W

MLS Top Scorers

Player Goals

MLS Most Cards

Player Yellow Red Total

MLS Over Under

Team MP Over Under Over % Under %

Betting on the US MLS

The MLS is America’s premier soccer league, and has been run by that name since 1996. Year-on-year the league has grown in reputation and popularity, and can now boast global stars of the likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovi? and Wayne Rooney among its number.

In the MLS, 24 teams are split across two conferences, with the best-placed teams qualifying for an end-of-season playoff series, culminating in the MLS Cup final, which decides the competition’s overall winner. The league itself is played on a calendar year basis (March through December), and it is worth noting that the league also features Canadian teams in the shape of Toronto FC (who won the 2017 MLS Cup), Vancouver Whitecaps and Montreal Impact.

Betting on the MLS is growing in popularity globally, partly because of the star names that are flocking there fromm Europe and South America (albeit towards the end of their careers) and partly because of the fact that the league is in action at a time when the majority of European leagues have finished. MLS title odds are growing as a topic of conversation among football and betting circles as a result.

Games from the MLS are increasingly being televised in countries around the world, and domestic audiences are growing too, showing that at last soccer is beginning to compete with some of the more established North American sports in terms of popularity.


Betting on the US MLS is tricky. The format of the league is different from other countries: there is no league title winner as such as the best-placed teams at the end of the regular season enter a playoff series, culminating in the MLS Cup final which decides the competitions overall winner. Betting odds are therefore difficult to pin down because you have a league format and a knockout format to contend with, not to mention the fact that due to the organization of finances, no team dominates as they would in almost every other league around the world.

Six different teams have won the MLS Cup in the last six seasons, while 13 different clubs have won the competition in its 23-year history, which is pretty much unheard of in terms of soccer leagues. Most of the big European leagues, for example, would be lucky to boast half a dozen different winners in that time period. Many leagues around the world would not have had that many champions in their competitions’ histories. Picking a winner, even with the MLS title odds laid bare in front of you, can be almost a lottery at the start of the season.

The MLS does feature a lot of goals, which is great for spectators and also informative for bettors. In the past three completed seasons of 2018, 2017 and 2016, 3.19, 2.97 and 2.81 goals were scored respectively, which were all way above the global average. Also relevant is the fact that home teams secure points above the global average too – unsurprisingly considering the vast distances teams must cover to play away matches. Apart from home wins and goals, however, picking a winner can be really tough.

USA MLS Title Odds for 2019

The US MLS is rather unique among soccer leagues in that it employs a system which is familiar across all other US sports set-ups, namely a salary cap and player draft, which results in the league being much more equal than the majority of other leagues around the globe. Indeed, American sports leagues are set up on a basis which seeks to avoid just a handful of teams monopolising proceedings, and as far as the MLS is concerned, this has been a successful undertaking. The proof is in the pudding: six different MLS champions in the last six years. Barely any other league in the world can lay claim to such a statistic.

The USA MLS is played during the calendar year, starting in March and finishing in early December. The 2019 season is well and truly underway, and considering results to date, LA FC currently sit comfortably atop the standings, and are therefore recognized as the favourites in terms of current MLS Cup winners odds. The country’s most successful team, LA Galaxy, sit one place behind, and due to the team’s strong history, are also firmly established in and around the odds as one of the favourites to claim a sixth title come December. Philadelphia Union currently sit as third favourites.

USA MLS History

The USA’s MLS – Major League Soccer – has been in existence since 1996, two years after the USA hosted the FIFA World Cup. It was part of the awarding process for that tournament that the country agreed to set up a professional soccer league once more, after the North American Soccer League of the 1970s and 1980s was disbanded in a pile of financial difficulties and general lack of interest. That despite the fact the NASL has actually managed to attract some major stars, including Pelé and Franz Beckenbauer, over the course of its existence.

And so, the history of the modern US MLS begins in 1996. Since then, the league has grown to include new franchises from both the United States and Canada, and these days looks different from that nascent league in 1996.

Statistically speaking, Los Angeles Galaxy have been the league’s most successful side, winning the MLS Cup on five occasions up to and including the completed 2018 season. D.C. United have four titles under their belts, while Houston Dynamo, Sporting Kansas City and San Jose Earthquakes all have a brace of titles. A further eight teams boast a solitary title. Such is the nature of the organisation of American sports, it is unlikely you will see a monopoly on MLS titles the way you do in the majority of leagues around the world: US MLS winner betting odds are usually tremendously even for that very reason. It is a unique competition, and is worthy of its growing popularity for this, and a number of other very good reasons.

Betting on USA Soccer

US soccer competitions (which include teams from Canada), are an increasingly popular addition to soccer betting coupons. The first reason for this is because of the growing attraction of the teams and leagues there, mainly through the arrival of a number of star names from world football (Zlatan Ibrahimović and Wayne Rooney are current notable players). The second is that the league plays March through November, meaning it is in progress through the European summer when most leagues on that continent are not being played.

Major League Soccer (MLS) is the major attraction, and now features an expanded format of 24 teams separated into two conferences, which are combined for a league table. As well as the top division, our American soccer odds comparison tool follows the USL Championship, which is the second highest division. It is worth noting that unlike most other leagues around the world, the US system does not utilise promotion and relegation systems. The United States Soccer Federation (USSF) is the official governing body for 'soccer' in the United States.

Our odds checker also covers the prestigious National Women's Soccer League, which features among the best women's talent in the sport. Women's soccer is becoming an increasingly attractive betting proposition too, and is starting to feature regularly on accumulator betting coupons.

The USL 2 (formerly the Premier Development League) completes the set, although the USA national team also features prominently in international soccer competitions, both in the men's and women's games, for an added betting focus.

USA Soccer Odds

Games in the USA are spread quite evenly over the weekend and even on weekdays. Because of the many time zones involved, there are often matches spread out over the day (and night, depending on where you are).

Using the model from other US sports, the MLS doesn't have a promotion or relegation system, and also employs a player draft and strict team salary caps, meaning that the competition is spread a lot more evenly than most world leagues. It stops a handful of teams dominating, but also makes it a little more difficult to add selections to your USA soccer betting coupon.

Leagues also employ a playoff system to determine the eventual winner, unlike most other leagues. Due to the almost unique nature of USA soccer, detailed research is recommended before placing a bet, and it's worth noting the increase in statistics available for all US leagues, and the women's game in particular.

USA Soccer History

A professional soccer league in the USA has more or less existed in one format or another for over a century. However, due to the unique nature of the sports that's dominate this vast country, soccer, or 'football' as it is more commonly known, certainly at a professional level, has never gained the attention of more traditional sports such as baseball, basketball and football (that's American football, or gridiron).

The first time the US gained international attention for its domestic leagues was in the 1970s when it managed to attract players of the calibre of Pelé and George Best to the North American Soccer League (NASL), with teams such as the New York Cosmos attracting intrigue from elsewhere. However, by 1985 the league was over mainly due to financial problems and a general lack of interest.

The turning point came for US soccer at the time the country was awarded the FIFA World Cup, which was played in 1994. As part of that agreement, the country agreed to set up another professional league. Major League Soccer (MLS) was born.

Since 1996, Major League Soccer has been steadily growing in stature, and has been able to attract some major world names such as David Beckham and Thierry Henry, albeit at the end of their careers. These names, as well as the relative success of the men's national team, not to mention the dominance of the women's national team, has seen soccer continue to grow in the country, and it looks set to be a major world player in the future.

With this increase in popularity for US soccer worldwide, so has the number of people placing a bet. Using our odds comparison tool is an absolute must to ensure you are getting the best odds available in all markets.

Football Odds Checker

You love betting on football, but want to make sure you are regularly finding the best odds by which to place your bet. And the last thing you want to be doing is trawling through the sites of all the leading bookmakers, looking for those elusive best odds.

Well here is some advice: you absolutely don't need to do this in order to secure the most competitive and highly rewarding odds on any given outcome. That is because our football odds comparison tool will perform the task for you neatly in one location. All you need to do is type in the selection you are looking for, or browse our incredibly comprehensive array of football events, and we will immediately provide you with the best odds available on that event as offered by all the most prominent and well-respected bookmakers on the market. It's that easy.

Alternatively you can scroll through the list above, along with your desired filters of countries, leagues or markets to build your perfect accumulator. This truly is betting made easy.

The Betting Markets we cover

Our service offers odds comparisons on all of the major, popular football betting markets, so you are far from limited to the 1X2 market which is often unprofitable in any case due to the small odds offered by bookmakers on the bigger teams.

These are just some examples of the markets covered by our bet finder and comparison tool:

Match Result – This is the most popular, straightforward bet. It is a simple bet on which team will win the match, or whether it will be a draw after 90 minutes. This is also broken down into match result 1st half and 2nd half, allowing you to bet on a specific half. The full-time 90minutes 1X2 is the 'typical' market you'll see on most punters accumulators.

Both teams to score (BTTS) – This is one of the all-time favourites of regular bettors as it is an outcome that can be studied according to form and statistics. Quite simply the outcome will be 'yes' or 'no'. 'Yes' means that you believe both teams will score in the match, while 'no' means that you believe one, or perhaps both teams will fail to register. This can also be broken down into BTTS first half and BTTS second half.

Total Goals 'Over / Under' – This is another old favourite, and another bet which can be placed more confidently with the study of form and statistics. As it sounds, you are betting on the match featuring over or under a certain number of goals in the match. The options are usually provided as 0.5, 1.5, 2.5 etc so that there is always an outcome, and you may select over or under that number. These options also exist as first half and second half options. A classic example would be including an over 2.5 selection in your accumulator or single bet, this you would win if three or more goals are scored in the match.

Handicap markets (plus Asian handicap) – The handicap markets are popular when you feel that one team has a distinct advantage, as is so often the case in football. Let's use the example of Manchester City vs Bournemouth at the Etihad Stadium. Clearly these two teams do not have the same levels of resources, and Manchester City are heavy favourites to win the game. The odds could be as low as 1.10, meaning that if you bet £1, you would only win 10p. One way of making the selection yield higher potential returns is to give one side a handicap. So, for example, you could back Manchester City -2, meaning that the home team would need to win by three clear goals for you to win the bet. Similarly, you could bet Bournemouth +2, meaning that if the away team loses by a solitary goal, then you win. The Asian handicap market is similar, but takes out the equation of the draw, so is a little more complicated to understand.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the types of bets that our odds comparison tool offer. Betting on football entails so many options these days and it is imperative for us to provide coverage of as many of these types of bets as possible. Once again we list the best odds to be found on each outcome, with the very best odds highlighted and starred.

Football Odds Comparison

As well as the ability to consistently find the best odds on an incredibly comprehensive array of football matches around the world, we also provide a host of other information which is informative to your betting. Let us consider exactly what you see when you click on any given event. As an example, we can use a classic English Premier League match between Liverpool and Chelsea.

First of all, you have the ability to search for the event itself by using our bet finder tool. This bet finder operates as a search engine, so simply type in the name of one of the teams that you are looking for and a list of that team's upcoming matches will be presented to you. Type in either Liverpool or Chelsea in this case and the event, as long as it is in the near future, will be immediately revealed for you to click upon.

When opening up the event, you will immediately be presented with a list of all the outcomes upon which you can bet on – we are far more than just a provider of football odds comparison on the simple home/draw/away markets, as previously stated. You may bet on goals, handicaps, and any other number of betting outcomes that take you fancy.

We automatically display the best odds on each overview page, but this can be analysed deeper either once a selection is added to the bet slip or each match page.

Football Betting & Statistics

We are not just the best odds comparison site for these reasons, there's far more. When looking at the event of your choice, you will also be presented with a number of additional insightful statistics and information which can help to inform your betting selection.

Using Liverpool vs Chelsea once again as an example, under the list of all the markets (and odds) that you can bet on, you will then see statistics pertaining to the teams' last ten games across all competitions (the results of those last ten games are also presented for your convenience).

What sort of statistics will you find? For example, you will be given the teams' win percentage over those ten matches, the average number of goals which were scored in those games, and then stats relating to all of the major betting markets, such as Both Teams To Score (for example, in how many of those ten matches did both teams scores – given as a percentage), Over 2.5 goals (in how many of those ten matches were over 2.5 goals scored in the match) and so on. Clearly, we provide these stats – on both teams – to give you the most comprehensive sports betting experience and give you the greatest prospect of success in your online betting activities.

What else will you find? We give you head-to-head records encompassing the last three matches (anything beyond that would not be particularly relevant to the outcome) as well as team news and predicted line-ups. Of course, the odds reflect all of this information, but if you see that a team's odds are too good to be true, then you read the team news that we provide and see the predicted line-up, then you can reconcile with those odds. Best odds are not just the highest odds, but the odds that give the fairest reflection of an event occurring. With all of the information we provide, along with our odds comparison and bet finder tools, you can make the most informed decisions.

The Best Football Acca Builder

Our site is the perfect accompaniment to build your football acca bets. It is bad enough to find that a winning single bet you made with one bookie could have been better rewarded if you had placed with another bookmaker. The situation is much worse if you placed a five-team accumulator, and then discovered that another bookmaker could have almost doubled your return on the same bet.

The fact is that betting odds on single events can and do vary between bookmakers, sometimes to quite a large extent. But when you are building a football accumulator bet, and differences between the odds in single bets become exacerbated when you start adding your selections together. That is why shopping around and using our odds comparison tool is the smart thing to do when placing bets, but particularly accas.

We built this site with accas in mind. We don't think you can build an acca faster, anywhere else in the world.

We also provide Football Live Scores

Alongside our football odds comparison and statistics we also provide you with up-to-date scorelines in any ongoing matches, so we can be your first point of call for live scores. Our aim is to become your 'go to' site for all things football related in terms of upcoming matches to bet on, statistical betting information which you can use to inform your bet, team news, and then a place to keep abreast of events once the match kicks off.


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