Terms of use

In the following terms, "we", "our", "Compare Your Odds","compareyourodds.com" and "CYO" are all referring to the entire platform and data provided on compareyourodds.com. We are a registered company based in the UK.

It is your responsibility to carefully read through the Terms to make sure you understand them. By using our services / platform you confirm you have read, agreed with and understood the terms. We reserve the right to update these terms at any time and it is your responsibility to check whether they have changed. Any change will be immediately effective. If you refuse to read, do not agree or do not understand the terms you are not permitted to use any of our services / platforms.

If our terms of use are broken, you may be blacklisted and blocked from using our services. If our services are abused in any way we reserve the right to pursue any violations for losses and compensation in a court of law.

Odds Comparison and Data

Our platform provides comparison of Odds from multiple "Gambling Operators" and APIs. Other data may also be provided with each fixture such as event details, lineups, historical results and stats.

Affiliate Disclosure

We are an Odds Comparison platform which receives commissions from the companies we show odds or advertisements for. We display odds for comparison with an external link to either sign up to any given Gambling Operator and provide links directly to some of the Gambling Operators bet slip's. We are independently owned.

You are responsible to check the T&Cs of any external website for promotions and odds we advertise.

Odds Discrepancies

CompareYourOdds.com uses multiple external feeds for our data including but not limited to Odds, Stats, Fixtures, Lineups. It is your responsibility to check the odds and any other data is correct directly on the bookmakers platform, all bets placed on platforms externally linked from CompareYourOdds.com are done so at your own risk. Our odds are regularly updated from our feeds and have a last update timestamp in the footer. This timestamp is merely a guide, it cannot be guaranteed that all odds provided are accurate or that all odds correctly updated at any given time. APIs may include inaccurate data and our systems may malfunction.

Inaccurate Data

If you notice any mistakes on our platform you are welcome to contact us so our team can review. We cannot guarantee our data to be reliable and you are completely responsible to make sure the data is correct directly from the source. We cannot be held liable for any decisions or actions made based on the data provided on the CYO platform.

General liability

You are using our platform completely at your own risk. We will not be held responsible for any loss including but not limited to physical, financial or emotional loss. By using our service you agree that we are not liable for any loss from including but not limited to incorrect data, incorrect bets loaded into bet slips, incorrect offers shown, technical failures, hacks or viruses and this list is not exhaustive.

Data Reproduction

You may not reproduce any of our data or functionality. We do not allow for any reproduction of our data whatsoever. Any attempts to scrape are deemed illegal and violate our terms of use.

Age Restriction

CompareYourOdds.com includes external links to bookmakers which are for users over 18 years old only. Users should comply with local country restrictions and regulations including but not limited to the legal gambling age of any users local country.

We do not allow or have functionality to bet directly on the CompareYourOdds.com platform but do link externally to platforms which do provide a betting service.

Jurisdiction & Validity

These Terms of use shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the Laws of England and Wales. By using CYO you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

If any of these Terms for any reason become invalid or unenforceable it will not affect the validity of any of our other terms.


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